IT Consulting

Functional Expertise
Our functional expertise ranges spans a large segment of the business community. We have been providing solutions to a lot of mid-range financial businesses who are industry leaders in software development. We also have experience in Localizations and government modules.

Technical Expertise
We have built a strong technical expertise ranging from Client - Server technologies to the Internet technologies, since inception. Our engineers are well adept in Microsoft technologies, and are equally strong on the Unix, Mainframe platforms. We have provided our services in the segments of Enterprise solutions, E-commerce and Internet Technologies in alliance with our business partners in UK.

IT Business Consulting
Our services in the area of IT business consulting include:

  • Technical Assessment of the existing system/application based on the original and projected business needs.
  • Identification of gaps in the current system/application, and provide suitable recommendations.
  • Recommend the best way forward, to handle the business process with respect to the system/application.

IT Outsourcing
We at VishaSoft offer IT Outsourcing services in the areas of:

  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
  • Communications/Networking
  • E-Business/Intranet
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Application Service (ASP)
  • Managed Service (MSP)

Our services in the above areas are aimed at providing instant expertise and operational simplicity to the clients. Our services help clients in overcoming problems associated with hiring of skilled IT professionals, lack of in-house skills, business changes, reorganising and other such issues. We begin every outsourcing initiative by analysing and understanding each client's specific concerns and objectives. We look at the business and what its current and potential growth rate is and what its short-term and long-term goals are. Based on the analysis, we design and deliver a suite of services to meet the client's distinct needs.

Custom Application Development
We provide custom application development solutions, which include 2-tier client-server solutions and 3-tier distributed solutions. These solutions are aimed at the small and medium business clients. Our project methodology and quality initiatives ensure a timely and cost effective development and deployments of the solutions. We have experience in developing custom applications involving the functionality of finance, and have also developed content management applications, for efficient handling and utilisation of the content.

Remote DBA Services 
In today’s IT environment, you have a lot to juggle. VishaSoft takes database monitoring and maintenance off your hands. Our database experts monitor your production environment and respond to your database needs on a 24x365 hour basis. Working with VishaSoft gives you a peace of mind, and frees up your database administration staff to work on new projects. Our large staff gives you access to a broad range of experience and knowledge in Oracle technologies.

VishaSoft performs all the functions of a full-time database administrator (DBA) and more on a 24 X 365 basis. 

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Space Management
Ensures the amount of disk space required is available; provides early warning of potential space issues. 

Backup/Recovery Verification 
Checks that backups have been performed and that are viable input into the recovery procedures. 

Performance Tuning 
Performs an analysis on index usage; tunes indexes to maximize index usage; creates, drops and alters indexes as required for performance improvement. 

Database Fragmentation Monitor
Monitors internal database space for fragmentation that can lead to excessive page chaining resulting in poor performance; schedules database reorganizations to correct excessive fragmentation. 

Key Resources Monitor 
Records resource shortages in the area of CPU and memory; makes recommendations on need-to-acquire resources. 

Database Warning Analysis
Constantly checks error log file for warnings or errors reported by the database management system and takes appropriate measures to resolve root cause. 

Statistical Update
Determines timing of updating internal database statistics to improve optimizer performance. 

Database Integrity Check
Verifies structure integrity of database schema and takes corrective actions as required. 

Trend Analysis
Provides reports on performance and resource trends for proactive environment management.

24x365 SERVICE
We monitor your production environment and respond to your database needs 24x365. So you can focus your DBA staff on the projects that grow your business. And it's nice to know that experienced DBAs are making sure your production environment continues to run smoothly during nights, weekends, holidays, and DBA vacations. 

When you subscribe to VishaSoft's services, you get access to a full DBA staff with real world experience. Our DBAs receive the most up to date training in the use of today's most sophisticated database platforms.

We specialize in all aspects of database management including performance and tuning, backup/recovery, trend analysis, production support, ongoing administration and database design. With the flexibility to interface with diverse technology platforms, VishaSoft quickly adapts to your unique database needs. 

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises 
Banking & Finance 

10+ combined years of Oracle experience 

Our DBAs have experience with the following operating systems: 

HP/UX          Windows NT 
AIX              SCO 
LINUX           Solaris

Legacy Systems
Our experience and expertise include IT Consultancy services in the areas of Legacy systems

  • DB2, AdaBase
  • JCL
  • MVS, VMS, AS/400

Corporate Training
We offer corporate training services to fulfil the training needs of the corporate segment with respect to Information Technology. The primary objective of this initiative is to impart operational knowledge to the personnel in efficiently deploying and maintaining the IT infrastructure and resources of their organisation.

We had carried out a detailed market analysis, in designing the training programme to best suit the requirements of the corporate segment. We provide industry focussed training on functional, technical and behavioural aspects.
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