Delivery Models

Onsite Delivery Model

The duration, nature of engagement or the lack of proper definition in certain types of projects requires work to be done completely onsite, at the client's premises. This is especially true in the case of product engineering related services and for not so well defined and iterative project scope. Our onsite services include Business Requirements Analysis and Technology Assessment, GAP Analysis, Formulation of Functional Specifications, Design, Coding, Testing, Maintenance, Support Upgrade.

Offshore Delivery Model
This model is best suited for projects with a well-defined project plan. Our project managers interact with the clients on a regular basis, in delivering the solutions. Typically, the project is handled offshore, and regular patterns of reporting and reviewing are established, to ensure the completion of the project. Our engineers facilitate the implementation and acceptance testing at client locations. In this model, the cost of the project and resources can be cut-down by at least 50 %.

Hybrid Delivery Model
This delivery model uses a combination of offshore and onsite delivery models to deliver the best results at the most optimised cost. Requirements engineering and development of detailed specifications is usually done onsite, and software development and testing is done offshore, at our development centre in India. The Hybrid approach creates a truly global delivery model with an Onsite and Offshore project plan that leverages multiple teams, real and virtual, across the world for rapid development. 

With a huge pool of talented resources available offshore, our clients can save significantly given the fractional manpower expenditure when compared to the same onsite. Further, we have processes that ensure a smooth working and an efficient handshake between the offshore facility and onsite.

VishaSoft is well poised to enable such a delivery methodology, with its head quarters in India, and a branch office in the United Kingdom. Our onsite office is responsible for customer management, and interacts with customers directly. All the onsite requirements of a project, such as requirement analysis and such other tasks are handled by our team of onsite consultants.

The head quarters in India, is primarily responsible for all offshore activities and provides operational management capability. It is responsible for providing logistic support to the onsite, and sustains all onsite initiatives with efficient back office support. All the offshore technical activity is coordinated with the onsite team to achieve the best turnaround, due to the inherent geographical difference in the time zones of the onsite and offshore offices.

Proven benefits of the approach include:

  • Continuous, 24x7 work cycles.
  • The ability to structure and assemble teams with diverse, multiple skill sets
  • Lower costs for resources
  • The ability to quickly scale (up or down) depending on the requirements and nature of the relationship

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes workstations of the latest system configuration, networked, to harness the collective power, and is linked to a high-speed dedicated internet link. The infrastructure accounts for a very secure setup, with effective mechanisms for prevention of damage to data / applications, and efficient recovery techniques. Such a facility, in effect, assures minimal down time, and ensures the prompt delivery of services.
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