IT Enabled Services

Data Preparation, Conversion & Digitisation Services
We offer high quality, cost-effective data entry services ideally suited to high volume data entry applications such as data base and mailing list compilation, key from images, data extraction from web, electronic publication, file conversion etc.

Our Services include: 

  • Text / Data Entry 

  • Data extraction / Online data retrieval from web 

  • Word Processing 

  • Scanning Services 

  • File Transfers 

  • Indexing / Hyperlinking Services 

  • CD-preparation and replication. 

We guarantee our clients the highest level of accuracy to 99.995%. We do this by maintaining stringent checks on client data at all times during the keying process and by using a variety of methods and tools depending on project specifications.

For large, ongoing projects, we are able to structure our staffing and work flow to accommodate a variety of turnaround scenarios. Depending on your requirements, we can transmit completed work to you daily, providing a 48-hour turnaround time once we are in full production. More typical is transmitting data three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or weekly. We welcome short duration one-time projects, but due to project set-up requirements, including programming, staffing and training (if necessary), turnaround times will be considerably longer.

We can deliver the information in any format including Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Access (*.mdb), Microsoft Excel (*.xls), Database (*.dbf), Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf), HTML, ASCII, and on hard copy, CD, floppy diskette, cartridges, or via the Internet / e-mail or any other mode of your choice.


Voice Transcription Services (Medical Transcription / Legal Transcription)
VishaSoft offers full array of cost-effective Medical & Legal Transcription Service with complete customer satisfaction, high accuracy, fastest turnaround and most competitive prices providing 100% feedback and reporting. We have an infrastructure to handle 10,000 lines per day, expandable to 50,000 lines per day on a 2 week notice. We are accessible 24 hrs. a day and 365 days a year to serve you in the best possible way.

Our Medical Transcription Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Patient Notes
  • Proceedings
  • Medical Records
  • Seminar Notes
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Chart Notes
  • Consultation
  • Pathology Reports
  • Disability Claims
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Medical Papers
  • Research Notes

Our Legal Transcriptionists are trained and qualified in the entire range of Legal Branches to provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Licensing Appeals 
  • Depositions 
  • Evidence/Legal argument 
  • Interviews 
  • Court Proceedings 
  • Judgments 
  • Presentations 
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Annual General Meetings

Client Benefits
Key benefits of our service include high quality reports, faster turnarounds in deliverables, highest accuracy and security. We are committed to the success of our client efforts, and work on providing innovative solutions and services designed to generate the best value for money. For further details on how your business can benefit from our services, click here.


Document Management
Our Document Management Services provide digital document management using scanning, storage and retrieval systems that are available to our clients online with secured 128-bit encryption and Firewall protection. 

Our services help companies convert stacks of paper records into electronic files that are convenient, legal, and quickly accessible. VishaSoft helps you take charge of your documents by storing them online, with immediate access from your desktop computer. Instead of thumbing through file cabinets full of folders, you can view any document on your PC screen in seconds. Instead of pulling a page, copying it, and then re-filing it, you can view and print the document(s) without leaving your desk.

We integrate scanning, image processing, data processing, and document indexing into a single package. Stored images can be retrieved easily from any personal computer. Online indexes can be tailored to match your unique applications. Our indexing system allows you to store millions of imaged records and find what you need, when you need it. Security restrictions on viewing and other applications can be put in place.

Our services include the following:

  • Conversion of files and documents to digital format
  • Indexing for the digital documents on the basis of physical indexing
  • Recording of digital data on CD-ROM or other media, as required
  • Hosting of the documents on the Internet, for online access
  • Application support for document management over the web, including workflow

Additional levels of indexing and custom application support can also be addresses based on the unique requirements of the clients.

With our Document Management Services you will be able to:

  • Get fast, on-line access to all your documents
  • Eliminate mis-filed or lost documents
  • Respond immediately to requests
  • Reduce document storage space
  • Provide a "fail-safe" system for storing documents
  • Specify various levels of document and user security

Approach Methodology & Advantages of Outsourcing


Accounting Services
VishaSoft is your trusted partner where you can outsource all your support services with assured quality and reliability at a competitive price. 

We offer services for development and execution of back office processing functions. These services include activities like billing, payroll and payment, order management, and other finance related processes. For all such projects we have a thorough understanding of the domain and follow mature processes from planning to execution. Trained personnel properly evaluate the input and output and scope the account completely for data processing. Sensitive data are processed twice and systems are designed to ensure quick turnaround within 24 hours with complete accuracy. All of our data processing operators are graduates, English proficient and skilled computer operators with minimum 3 years experience in processing similar transactions.


  • Identify the nature of the data to be processed.
  • Evaluate a sample of the input.
  • Determine the media through which the input would be transmitted (whether physical or through electronic; transmission).
  • Evaluate the output received.
  • Determine the media through which outputs need to be transmitted.
  • Work as the extension of the Client as their Production Facility in India, saving them costs and seamlessly integrating with their operations so as to increase their profits by cost cutting and improving Client's competitiveness

Our services help customers to strategize in an effective way to: 

  • Achieve cost reductions
  • Focus on company's core business 
  • Improve service quality 
  • Maintain competitive edge 
  • Meet changing customer demands 
  • Gain access to advanced technology 
  • Achieve revenue enhancements 
  • Make continuous improvements in process 
  • Achieve world-class standards/benchmarks 
  • Gain greater internal flexibility


Online Training

VishaSoft is a one stop, online training solutions provider. We help our clients develop exciting ways to use the Internet to distribute training and information. We provide a complete range of services in the area of training development. We specialize in training and training development designed to be delivered over the internet or intranet.

VishaSoft designs and conducts training needs assessments, can advise and or work with subject matter experts to develop training and learning objectives, can advise and or work with subject matter experts to develop training courses and materials to support training, and can provide and conduct training on the internet based virtual classrooms. 

Our approach and development process in developing and deploying online training is highlighted below:

Project Plan – Prepare specifications of the training requirement
Prototype the Title – Develop the look and feel, at the technology level
Develop the Content – Prepare the content, along with interactive multimedia effects
Author the Title – Integrate the content and multimedia elements
Test the Title – Onscreen testing, performance testing of title on the Internet in terms of speed and ease of access / navigation, Multiple hardware & software platform testing
Deploy the Title – Upload the Title onto website

The emerging content delivery paradigm through Internet is set to prove the concept of “Training when and where you want it”. Benefits of online training include : 

  • Reduced costs
  • Minimum infrastructure
  • Address a very large audience 
  • Minimized cost of distribution, and
  • Automated student administration and management
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